Knights of Columbus Council 11343


Our council, 11343, was founded in 1994 and calls St. Laurence Parish its home. Fourth Degree Sir Knights are also members of Bishop Morkovsky Assembly 2243.

Grand Knight's Message

Reminder, meeting Thursday, fish fry Friday.  Pease get your sold calendars in to brother Gary Arrington.


Grand Knight Cliff Buede

Chaplain's Message

Father, may all we do today be inspired by you - and continue with your saving help

Let our work always begin with your blessing - and through you, reach completion.

Lord of the morning, noon and evening, we pray...Cast all darkness from our hearts.      

Send us the light of your truth, so that we may be guided by you today - and walk in your love.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord

Do we truly believe that God has a plan for each of us?     I do.

I believe that when we were baptized, God assigned us a project - a plan - and when we have completed that plan, he calls us home.  I believe that so much, that I often ask God, "Speak a little louder.  I'm not sure what I am supposed to be doing."

Either, I'm not listening well - or - he has a bigger plan than I have acknowledged.

True, we need to pray but - we have to listen to what God has to say to us.  St. Augustine said,  'When we pray, we speak to God.  But, when we read the Sacred Scriptures, we listen to what God has to say."

Deacon Bob


Deacon Robert Dunham

District Deputy's Message

Worthy Brothers,

This new Fraternal Year is giving us the chance to renew our commitment to seeing another successful year in the council... but it can only be done by YOUR involvement with the Programs and Activities that the council sponsors...

Get involved!!!  Come to the meetings and see what is going on...

And if you are a 1st Degree Knight... you will have the opportunity to advance to the 3rd Degree on Sunday, August 5...  Make plans now... and if you are a 3rd Degree Knight already, why not make plans to see the new 3rd Degree Ceremonial.

Dennis Trainor


District Deputy Dennis Trainor